Life is full of difficult transitions. Then we need close follow-up from all the good people who surround us. Working with those who matter most to us creates mastery, more learning and better inclusion. And best of all: In Dokker YOU are in the middle of this community.

Dokker is simply your platform for follow-up.


Do you feel that the framework and a hectic school day are preventing multidisciplinary work from being put into good practice? With Dokker you can, together with other teachers, lift multidisciplinary work to a whole new level.


The transition from school to working life can be difficult. The world’s best professionals require the world’s best mentors. With Dokker you become the resource person who supports and follows not only the apprentice, but the whole person.

Qualification program

Do not let other tasks consume the time needed to cultivate motivation and mastery. With Dokker you have more time for what really matters – follow-up that creates commitment, ownership and a secure relationship.

Integration program

If we are to better connect individuals to local working life, the whole person must think. Dokker is an inclusive arena that puts the 24-hour man, with all his resources and ambitions, at the center.


Everyone talks about user control, but we do something about it! In Dokker you control the access to your own data yourself. This provides a seamless work-flow and smoothe communication with the people you need – when you need it. The Dokker platform with content is yours, and you have access to everything you have worked with – as long as you want. And it’s completely free! In other words, Dokker is 100 percent user-controlled, and of course designed to take care of your privacy .


When you own and share your own data, something magical happens; all the obstacles that stood in the way of good interaction disappear. Collaboration across institutions, business, the public sector and the user of countless services is difficult with today’s systems. With Dokker, everyone gets their own personal support device, just like any top athlete has, and suddenly everyone has more time for better follow-up!


Dokker gives you easy access to your documentation. Whether it is practice descriptions, course certificates, assignment answers…you-name-it. An updated overview of all your expertise and experience. Share what you want with who you want. Docs are everything you want them to be; next-generation resume, your personal archive of everything you can - and a place to showcase who you are.

Dokker gave me a much better picture of what the participants’ practice contained, and I could give a better follow-up to the individual.

Portrait of Anne H. Urdshals, photo.

Anne H. Urdshals

Teacher, Adult Education in Nærøysund Municipality



Unlimited number of documents


Sharing and feedback along the way



kr 95
per person, per month. Invoiced annually.

All in Personal

Connect people in groups

Role-based communication and sharing

Assign tasks and follow the progression

Assessment/approval of work performed (documentation)

Prioritized user support

GDPR. The individual owns and is in full control of access to their data.

The price is ex. VAT.
Invoiced monthly: NOK 114/person/month

See prices for schools and non-profit organizations


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Dedicated support for implementation

Including training of superusers

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