The world’s best professional worker

The subject exam is by far the most important milestone during the learning period. As a ​​academic director for the apprentices in a workplace, it is you who are responsible for the apprentice mastering everything that is needed to become the best professional worker in the world.

With Dokker you get both overview and insight into progression and development. By allowing the student to show himself, justify solutions and reflect on what he teaches in his daily work, Dokker facilitates progression and professional pride. As a professional leader, you can use Dokker to verify the work that is being done, while giving you an overview of the status of curriculum goals, attendance, attitudes and competence.

Dokker is easy to use, and you avoid wasting time on unnecessary paper moving, navigation between different systems, and old-fashioned communication solutions. In addition to having a continuous overview and insight into the status of all users, you can use the documentation in Dokker as a starting point for writing half-year assessments.

By the way, did you know that you can write public messages in Dokker? This allows you easily reach out with important messages to everyone - all at once.



Unlimited number of documents


Sharing and feedback along the way



kr 95
per person, per month. Invoiced annually.

All in Personal

Connect people in groups

Role-based communication and sharing

Assign tasks and follow the progression

Assessment/approval of work performed (documentation)

Prioritized user support

GDPR. The individual owns and is in full control of access to their data.

The price is ex. VAT.
Invoiced monthly: NOK 114/person/month

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Including training of superusers

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