The world’s best professional worker

The world’s best academic does not only master the basic subjects while in school. Working life is increasingly demanding a holistic understanding, communication, innovations, ability to take initiative and responsibility, digital competence and reflection from all those who will create value in the future. That’s why we think you deserve a tool to help show off why you are the world’s most professional worker!

In Dokker you can associate with you the supporters who build you up to become the best professional worker in the world. You can showcase your work to a supervisor or employer. You receive professional support and encouragement when you need help with HSE or practical work assignments. With Dokker you can also stay connected and get good follow-up from the Training Office - when you need it.

Need help with language and spelling? Reach out to your supporters on your Dokker team. Help is never far away.

We know that you have goals for the future, and that you are looking forward to creating value for yourself and the community you are part of and want a place to be able to proudly show your accomplishments. With Dokker you can feel extra proud when you showcase what you do and the industry you work in for family, friends and colleagues.

In short, with Dokker you get the follow-up you both deserve and deserve. As the world’s best professional worker, you should expect nothing less, we believe.

Dokker is designed as a social medium, but tailor made for you who want to become a good and reflected professional worker. As a bonus, Dokker provides you with valuable digital training - which is essential to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s working life.

But most importantly: Dokker is yours - forever! All documentation, whether it is assignments, pictures, videos, reflections, responses or feedback, takes you further in life when you have access for life.

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