The world’s best professional worker

Wouldn’t it have been practical to gather everyone with follow-up responsibilities in one place? Do you see the need for a simple and easy-to-understand tool that is powerful and flexible enough to engage all users? Do you need an overall overview of apprentices, employees and all the different roles?

Dokker is the solution! Just ask the professionals and mentors who are already using it to keep the dialogue going and to bring information to their participants through remote access. With Dokker, all users gain increased awareness of their own role in the work of creating the world’s best professional work.

With Dokker you can produce competent professionals. You gain valuable insight into the student’s development from start to finish, while accessing all curricula, courses, certificates and all other relevant documentation.

It is the user who owns all the information that is added to Dokker over time. We know that people are different. That’s why Dokker is adapted to allow different ways of expressing oneself. Users can insert texts, pictures, audio recordings and videos. Many have found Dokker can be used as a CV, and that our unique approach to showcasing the whole person gives an advantage when looking for a job.



Unlimited number of documents


Sharing and feedback along the way



kr 95
per person, per month. Invoiced annually.

All in Personal

Connect people in groups

Role-based communication and sharing

Assign tasks and follow the progression

Assessment/approval of work performed (documentation)

Prioritized user support

GDPR. The individual owns and is in full control of access to their data.

The price is ex. VAT.
Invoiced monthly: NOK 114/person/month

See prices for schools and non-profit organizations


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Dedicated support for implementation

Including training of superusers

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