Your arena for inclusion

Imagine coming to a place where absolutely everything is foreign. You don’t speak the language. Missing concepts on everything that surrounds you. You don’t understand the codes, you don’t know the culture. You are no longer part of a community. You carry little else in your luggage other than experiences that are difficult to share with others.

In short, if you are missing most of the things that provide security and direction in life, you’re standing on the outside. At the same time, you have the resources: knowledge and expertise that others need, you just need an arena to show off. The need for a well-functioning support system has never been greater.

In Dokker, we create an arena where each individual is shown their inherent resources and expertise. We know that successful integration is largely about getting into a Norwegian working and language culture as quickly as possible. With Dokker, it is easy to connect the refugee’s resources with the needs of local working life.

Dokker unites adult education, work life and all others with inclusion skills in a new and very effective way. This is how Dokker already creates value in a number of Norwegian municipalities - both for the individual and for the larger community.

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