Meet the 24-hour human

Targeted qualification for work or education provides better integration and creates value for society. This is precisely why some of use Norway’s most offensive and successful integration municipalities Docks as a platform for learning and integration.

Dokker see the whole person- wit its challenges, resources, expertise and ambitions. This wholistic approach makes it easier to connect individuals to local working life. By letting the 24-hour person show himself whole, it also becomes easier to include resources from the voluntary sector in the local community.

In Dokker, in other words, we create a completely unique inclusion arena, consisting of public support, working life and resources in sports, cultural life, outdoor life, churches and other parts of the voluntary sector. This is how we put the participant in the center and make the entire support system available.

Program Adviser

As a program advisor, you are responsible for the implementation of the introductory program in a host municipality. You probably already know how important it is that the support system sees the whole person being lifted into the local and large communities. You know that you have to take care of the 24-hour man to follow up on all the arenas of life.

You may also know that you lack the time or resources to follow up each one in a holistic and good way.

With Dokker, we gather everyone with inclusion responsibility in a unified community. In this way, all good supporters can work together in a simple and effective way to find the resources and opportunities in each one and connect them to relevant relevant workplaces and voluntary arenas in sports, culture, congregations, outdoor life and everything else that creates good living conditions in a local community.

By mapping characteristics and matching these against opportunities locally, collaborative inclusion actors create a powerful community that sets the direction for the individual and creates value for the wider community.

Adult Education

Dokker provides minority language students with a unique tool for acquiring new knowledge. In Dokker, the student can take an active role in meeting the subject matter. Through reflection, a deeper insight is gained in our own learning process.

We believe that the best results are achieved in interaction between adult education and working life. With Dokker, we facilitate practical learning: The student can be based on everyday situations or assignments at work and workplaces; and with pictures, video and text create assignments and answer assignments. Teachers, tutors, fellow students and other supporters all contribute with encouragements, corrections and questions. This is how we create reflection and commitment around our own expertise and work goals.

For the supervisor and the teacher, Dokker provides insight into how well the student is understanding from the teaching they receive. Dokker also give teachers and tutors outstanding access to text, images and other documentation. This is how you can start a conversation where the relationship between theory and practice never disappears.

Dokker provides an overview and makes planning and evaluation work easy and efficient. In student groups with different fields of practice, you as a teacher or mentor are never far away - even if you are not physically present.



Unlimited number of documents


Sharing and feedback along the way



kr 95
per person, per month. Invoiced annually.

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Connect people in groups

Role-based communication and sharing

Assign tasks and follow the progression

Assessment/approval of work performed (documentation)

Prioritized user support

GDPR. The individual owns and is in full control of access to their data.

The price is ex. VAT.
Invoiced monthly: NOK 114/person/month

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