Dokker makes NAV even better

We know it can take a long time between each time you meet participants in action. With Dokker, long intervals between follow-up points and meetings can be avoided. It is the participant who has the real ownership of their action plan and implementation. Dokker is designed to give the participant the opportunity to express wishes and wills for change. In this way we avoid the feeling that there is a supervisor who sets the standards for the participants path forward and not themselves.

Dokker is designed to bring together all efforts. As a supervisor in NAV, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the initiatives in a whole new way. In fact, case managers and supervisors in NAV can be invited directly into Dokker. Of course, we have made sure that this is perfectly fine in relation to privacy and GDPR.

With Dokker you get close to the participants, without compromising on efficiency and case management requirements. With access to the participants’ domain at Dokker, you are given a unique insight into the current situation, experiences, ambitions, challenges and opportunities. With access to both the participant’s input and all relevant documentation, we increase the opportunity for case workers in NAV, supervisors and participants to together create good, inclusive and effective measures.

With Dokker, you get a unique starting point for making good decisions, without sacrificing the time you have to spend on case management and other administrative (and time consuming) tasks.



Unlimited number of documents


Sharing and feedback along the way



kr 95
per person, per month. Invoiced annually.

All in Personal

Connect people in groups

Role-based communication and sharing

Assign tasks and follow the progression

Assessment/approval of work performed (documentation)

Prioritized user support

GDPR. The individual owns and is in full control of access to their data.

The price is ex. VAT.
Invoiced monthly: NOK 114/person/month

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