Show what you can

Imagine that life is a computer game. You start at level one and throughout the game you collect experience points and develop new tools. All you gain you take with you to tackle the challenges that lie ahead of you. You play with others. You solve the tasks together. Slowly but surely you build up, you reach new levels. This is what your are doing with Dokker, too, but in real life.

Dokker is, in many ways, a social medium for everything you can and need to learn. Here you can enter text, audio, pictures, video, assignments, course certificates, certificates and diplomas - in short everything that documents what you can do, what you want to learn and how to get there.

With Dokker you are never alone. All along the way you have great helpers who support you along the way - teachers, mentors, parents and anyone else that matters to your development. You have control and decide who should have access to your Docks.

In Dokker, you own the documentation and knowledge that is added over the years. All this you take with you further to each new level and to each new challenge. For life.,

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