Work in a multidisciplinary way

Do you want more interdisciplinary work? Do you feel that the framework and a hectic school day are preventing multidisciplinary work from being put into good practice? If so, you are in good company with many other talented teachers. Whether it is a question of interconnecting teacher resources, or finding common work tasks that enhance interdisciplinarity, it can be challenging to solve interdisciplinary work in a practical, efficient and professional ways. With Dokker you and other teachers can work with your students on work assignments in different subjects, for example, Norwegian, science, English and construction - at the same time! You can also work asynchronously so that your schedules are not disturbed. You are in dialogue and constantly updated. The student always has ownership of his own work and the follow-up that is given. By inviting professionals from outside your school you can lift multidisciplinary work to a whole new level.

Assessment for learning

Customize training and gain motivation and increased learning effect. Use Docs regularly and let it become a habit to provide support and guidance when students are in learning mode and need it most: when they are in the learning process. This is how you create good learning habits - together with the student.

Dokker showcases the competence aims in a unique way, and these can be solidified and clarified so that students understand what they need to learn. In Dokker, an entire support system, across disciplines and institutions, can comment and help - without being physically present.

In the SKUV project (School-based competence development in assessment), Dokker goes straight in as a very useful tool for developing assessment for learning as a separate profession!


Dokker is a platform tailored to in-depth learning, critical thinking, reflection and collaboration. Increasing a student’s awareness of learning objectives and strategies translates into habits are not only useful in school; The ability to reflect is a key factor in working well in all areas and stages of life. Dokker also makes it easy to include all who are part of the learning process to facilitate a more cohesive learning environment.

In Dokker, what happens in the learning process is important. Dokker invite self-assessment by inviting each user to rate themselves with stars white medium starwhite medium starwhite medium star️ or to putting words into their efforts and learning outcomes. This is done in dialogue with the teacher and other supporters.

Collaborate school-home

How often do you have time for the good conversation with a student? How often do you have the opportunity to talk about where they are going and what they need to do to get there? What about the parents? How often do you talk to them? Imagine a school day where you exchange occasional conversations with the student with a continuous student conversation.

In many schools, student conversations and parent meetings are the most important arena for dialogue between school and home. In Dokker we utilize the power that exists in the community of competent educators, parents and students with hopes and dreams for the future. Dokker is designed to make dialogue and exchange of experiences and goals simple and fun. This is how we make collaboration between home and school possible in a practical, fun and useful way, providing increased insight, stronger ownership and - not least - better follow-up!

Student Participation

Learning something thoroughly requires active participation in one’s own learning processes, proper use of learning strategies, and the ability to reflect on one’s own mastery and progress. However, in - depth learning requires follow-up of students on an individual basis. It is time consuming. Dokker facilitates independent work, with clear goals and in close cooperation with others. In Dokker, there is a clear connection between what the student is working on and the goals the student is working towards. In this way, the student will, over time, develop an understanding of concepts, methods and contexts in various subject areas.

And, most importantly: In Dokker, it is the pupil himself who owns his or her own experience and expertise. It is the student who provides access and shares goals, tasks and knowledge with teachers, parents and other good helpers in the child and youth community. With a strong ownership of own learning, Dokker cultivates independence and learning that really goes deep. And the documentation brings the student along in life regardless of where you are and for as long as you want.

Follow-up of students in practice

Imagine being present when the student needs support in practical work outside the school. With Dokker you can! Dokker allows you to give the student a space for dedicated and independent work, while giving teachers and others with follow-up responsibilities the opportunity to provide close and continuous support. By working with professionals outside the school, for example in a company, you can lift follow-up of students in practice to a whole new level.

This is how Dokker prepares to link practical knowledge more closely to a relevant school context, often across the subjects.

Dokker approach learning goals by facilitating other ways of working. 10,000 users and more than 100,000 documentation give us a solid experience: Dokker reinforces the learning process on the student’s level. With more time for better follow-up in Dokker, you are facilitating better results while preventing dropout.



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Sharing and feedback along the way



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